The Dermalogica Skin Treatment

Every Dermalogica skin treatment is customised for the individual client on the day, so no two Dermalogica treatments are ever the same. Depending on your skin, your therapist will come up with a plan for you using a variety of Dermalogica product formulations to suit you and your skin care needs.

  • 90 mins

Dermalogica Mini Treatment

This treatment is designed to whet your appetite for Dermalogica and introduce you to the variety of product options. This 30 minute treatment will be tailor made to suit your skin.

  • 30 mins

Dermalogica Clear Start Treatment

Calling all teens!!! This treatment is designed to help with skin based concerns that teens have, whether it be breakouts, tight dry skin, oiliness or sensitivity.

  • 20 mins

Dermalogica Relaxing Facial

This luxury skin treatment combines relaxing massages touch therapies and a customized skin treatment to hydrate and refresh all skin types. Especially developed to deliver a glowing complexion whilst insuring you are indulgently pampered. This treatment includes a hand and arm touch therapy, foot touch therapy, and a head neck and shoulder touch therapy.

  • 1 hr
Dermalogica Expert


This short targeted treatment is aimed at the client that want rapid results in a small amount of time. Microzone is one of Dermalogica’s core concepts that enables the therapist to target a specific concern that the client has with their skin.

  • 20 mins

Touch Therapies

Touch Therapies are a way of incorporating even more relaxation. These are 15 minute additional add on treatments that you can attach to any Dermalogica service at the time of booking.

  • Touch therapy scalp
  • Touch therapy neck and shoulder
  • Touch therapy back
  • Touch hand and arm
  • Touch therapy foot
  • Facial pressure point Touch therapy
  • AGE Reversal Touch therapy
  • 15 mins

Expert Strength Treatments

BioSurface Peel

BioSurface Peel is a system that will help to decrease roughness, treat acne and acne scarring by kick starting skin regeneration, reduce fine lines by boosting collagen and fade pigmentation leaving the skin brighter.

Consultation & patch test are both compulsory before treatment.


IonActive is the latest edition to the expert strength treatment options. These powerful, skin specific treatments set your skin into boot camp, to make it work harder and faster giving you serious changes and rapid results.

Power Up

This treatment combines both IonActive and Bio Surface Peel together for the ultimate expert treatment.