BB Glow is a skin treatment that uses dermal needling to create channels into the dermis, the allows deeper product penetration for a range of skin concerns. This technique gives 300% more effective results compared to topical treatments. The treatment includes a chemical peel, optional dermaplaning, mesotherapy, hyaluronic acid mask, and lastly the bb glow pigment dermal needled into the skin to give an all over even complextion, it can help mask dark eyes, pigmentation, scaring, rosacea, freckles and uneven tone. The tone can be made lighter or darker and also customized to give a contour effect. The glow will last around 2 weeks and up to 6 months with a course of 4!! The treatment is safe, tested and non painful with no down time. 

  • BB Glow
  • BB Glow (4 Treatments)

    Recommended for long lasting results up to 6 months.