At Be Beautiful we believe that skin results don’t have to stop at the neck but continue onto the body as well. With Dermalogica we are able to customise each and every body treatment to bring about healthy skin along with the element of relaxation added.

Dermalogica Expert

The Back Treatment

Whether you have concerns with the skin on your back or you have a special occasion coming up the Be Beautiful back treatment will fit the bill. Breakouts, pigmentation, and dryness we have it covered. This treatment includes a 15 minute massage to bring a sensory experience to the treatment.

  • 45 mins

Body Exfoliation Therapy

This treatment will be tailor made to meet your skin needs. Using key ingredients to buff away dull skin cells to leave your skin with a radiant glow ready for any occasion.

  • 45 mins

Body Microzones

Microzone treatments are a chance for your therapist to work on an area of concern that you discuss during consultation. So if you have dry skin on your arms, or breakouts on your chest, maybe pigmentation on your hands we can help eliminate these concerns with regular Microzone treatments.

  • 20 mins