nailtiquesEveryone’s nails are different and need treating in a very individual way to ensure their condition is improved. Whether nails are soft and thin, hard and dehydrated or just require a maintenance programme, Nailtiques has the formula to suit everyone.

The Nailtiques range has been formulated and designed to work together as a total manicure and pedicure regime. The products complement each other, all with an individual role to play in the whole procedure. Each Nailtiques product has a common application; to promote healthy natural nail growth.


Nailtiques uses ingredients that work in synergy with the natural make up of the nail. Nailtiques contains a combination of natural proteins and conditioners that promote healthy nail growth.

More salons choose Nailtiques therapeutic nail care products than any other. Not only do these salons have the right formulas for each of their customers’ particular needs, they also know how well they work, putting beautiful strong nails within every woman’s reach.

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Protein Formulas

There are 6 different Nailtiques formulas. The formulas bond the nail layers together, building a strong foundation whilst the combination of proteins and conditioners feeds the nail what it lacks most. These formulas treat everything from weak, peeling nails to ridged, dry nails and even those nails recovering from artificial extensions. Key Ingredients: Keratin, Calcium, Protein & Conditioners.

Nailtiques Cuticle & Skin Gel

Is extremely beneficial for dry skin areas. It has a highly concentrated formula which works best when applied in small amounts to ensure the product is fully absorbed. Cuticle & Skin Gel can be used on all areas of the body but is particularly good for use on cracked dry cuticles. Key ingredients: Glycerine, Aloe & Allantoin.

Nailtiques Nail Moisturiser

Promotes flexibility in the natural nail. Particularly recommended for use during winter months when nails can become exceptionally dry and lead to breaks because of lack of moisture. For best results apply to the naked nail plate overnight. Key Ingredients: Aloe, Jojoba,Collagen (Soluble).

Nailtiques Oil Therapy

A delicate sweet smelling blend of vitamin-enriched oils specifically formulated to treat cuticles naturally. Oil therapy is a three in one product. It will re-hydrate the cuticle, it will rapidly moisturise the nail plate when applied to the naked nail, and will also act as a quick dry when applied over Nailtiques Protein Formulas and coloured polish. Key Ingredients: Vitamin C, Safflower Oil & Grape seed Oil.

Nailtiques Cuticle & Hand Conditioner

A highly concentrated cream formula combining pure Aloe, Jojoba Oil and Glycerine. Rehydrates and conditions the hand and cuticle area without softening the nails. This product also contains plant fibres which give it excellent massage properties. Sunscreens are added to protect against pigmentation marks and age spots. Key Ingredients: Aloe, jojoba, Glycerine.

Nailtiques After Artificial Treatment Kit

Contains: Formula A, Formula B, and Cuticle & Skin Gel. A therapeutic 6 week treatment for nails recovering from artificial nails. Included are two specially developed Formulas of nail Protein; A & B, and a Cuticle and Skin Gel. The Kit naturally builds damaged nails back to a healthy condition. This kit is also excellent for sensitive nails.

Nailtiques Non- Acetone Remover

A gentle and effective non acetone remover which conditions the nail and effectively removes polish without dehydrating the nail.

Nailtiques Avocado Foot Cream

Avocado foot cream is designed to soften dry hard skin. It is a rich crème formula which can be massaged into legs and feet to give instant relief and nourishment to dry areas. Key Ingredients: Avocado Oil, Aloe Vera, Glycerine.